Borrobol has much to enjoy...


    • Fly fishing for wild brown trout from a rowing boat on Loch Ascaig during the season. There is also seasonal fishing along the five mile River Friadh (‘Free’), a spate tributary of the River Helmsdale, fishable when there is enough water.
    • Canoeing and Kayaking on Loch Ascaig.
    • Swimming from the small, sandy beach on Loch Ascaig where the shallow water is ideal for children. Or drive to the famous white sands of the north coast.
    • Bicycling on the five mile estate track to the deserted west end of Borrobol (bicycles not supplied).
    • Walking.
    • Archaeology. Borrobol has many remains from the early stone age onwards.
    • Bird watching. Borrobol is a migration crossroads for unusual species, often in noisy flocks. Many prized moorland species nest here.

This part of Sutherland is a haven for migrating and resident moorland birds.

Your interests may be fired in history, nature, fishing, field sports, wild food and more. There are many small organisations in our area who will open this undiscovered county to you. These are just a few: